At Dabillders, we focus on creating the best aluminum patio covers in all of California. We pride ourselves in providing homeowners with the benefits these excellent deck covers add to their homes, as their use case goes above and beyond their beautiful designs. We believe that “Building Your Happy Place,” is an essential part of enjoying your property, and that aluminum patio covers give you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the outside without the harsh impacts of the hot California sun.


No matter the size of your home or the type of deck cover you desire, we offer the highest quality aluminum patio covers in the state. We only use the best material when designing our products because we know your home deserves renovations that increase its overall value. When you partner with us, rest assured knowing that we take the time to understand your wants and needs for your patio cover, as our ultimate goal is your satisfaction.

With over 20 years of working in the industry, Dabillders has come to understand the importance of providing an adequate service to all of our clients. We strive to build long-lasting relationships in the community, as California is our home, and we want to give back as much as possible.



Why Partner With Us?

Our founder believes that true devotion to the craft stems from an intense satisfaction in turning concepts into reality. That is our ultimate goal to help turn your home renovation dreams into something real that you could enjoy for numerous years to come. Having had the last 20-plus years to hone our craft is one of the biggest reasons we have had so much success in the state of California. We have an understanding of aluminum patio covers like no other, as we know how to best develop the designs your specific home needs to reap the benefits.

As a small, locally owned business, you can rest easy knowing that we provide the best work ethic in any service we complete. When working with us, you’re not simply receiving a service, but a partnership as well, because we strive to be the support you require no matter your aluminum patio cover needs.


Brand New Installations

Many California homes are built with a backyard deck due to the amazing weather we see here in the state. After all, many homeowners enjoy relaxing in their backyard, watching their kids play, or simply taking in nature. That said, these decks might not have a roof over them making relaxation difficult as the blazing sun beams down with full force. At Dabillders, we offer brand-new aluminum deck installations that can be easily applied to your current deck, no matter the style or size. We take into consideration custom size requirements to ensure that your new deck cover will fit properly, as you need a cover that will fit flush with the rest of your home. Not to mention, we design our aluminum patio covers with style in mind, and we offer customized options including:

  • Coach Lights – Beautifully designed lighting options that will definitely add some elegance to the space. With numerous types to choose from, we are sure to offer something perfect for your home!

  • Fully Recessed Can Lights – If subtle and discreet is more your style, our fully recessed can lights are the perfect choice for your deck cover.

  • Square Columns – We provide elegant support beams that are sure to take your aluminum patio cover to the next level. These square column designs offer both looks and functionality, as they provide the roof portion of your cover all of the support it needs to stay put for years to come.



Renovations and Repairs

If your home currently has a deck cover installed, but it is looking the worse for wear, our renovation and repair services are the perfect solution to bring your property back to life! Our team of experts can diagnose issues with your current deck cover and then provide you with the best solutions to said problems. Whether it has to do with the roofing portion, the support beams, lighting, or anything else, we can help repair your aluminum deck covers and have them look brand new!

Contact us today for repairs!


With over 20 years in the industry, we have helped hundreds of homeowners create the aluminum patio covers of their dreams. Take a look at what some of our previous clients have to say about our services!

“Dabillders is amazing. They installed my patio cover in less than a day & he matched the paint on the patio to my house. It looks really really good, and he’s very reasonable in terms of pricing. I’ll definitely be hiring them again in the near future.”

“I could not be happier with this company! They did a fabulous job with my patio cover. The cover turned out beautiful and the team made sure my backyard was perfectly clean before leaving. The owner was incredibly personable and very trustworthy. I recommend them to anyone needing an aluminum patio cover!”

— Antonine

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No matter what your aluminum patio needs consist of, whether that be a brand new installation, renovations, or repairs, Dabillders is the best business to work with in California. We offer the highest quality builds, alongside the best workmanship to achieve your overall satisfaction. Get started today!