Solid Non-Insulated Patio Cover

When it comes to your Stockton home's outdoor living space, you want to be able to enjoy nature but be protected from the sun, wind, and rain. Dabillders Construction offers solid non-insulated patio covers, as well as other types of aluminum patio covers, for your home. Learn more about these patio covers below, and contact us for a free estimate today!

What Is a Solid Non-Insulated Patio Cover?

The solid non-insulated patio cover ceilings are our most popular type of aluminum patio covers. They come in 6-inch and 8-inch wide pans. The top is open except wherever there is an electrical need, which then necessitates a cap. The solid non-insulated patio cover is more economical than other types of aluminum patio covers with more color options to choose from, too. Do note that this type of aluminum patio cover is not meant to be walked on.


Styles of Solid Non-Insulated Patio Covers: With Tails

The tail style of our solid non-insulated patio covers offers a more decorative look. Featuring ends that hang away from the gutters, you can choose from scallop, corbel, bevel, and miter. This pattern is seen on every beam that sits on top of the posts. This ornate look is not as popular as it once used to be; however, it still looks great with columned homes.


Styles of Solid Non-Insulated Patio Covers: No Tails

A classic look that is very popular is the solid non-insulated patio cover. Perfect if you are looking for a contemporary look, this type of aluminum patio cover features a flat front fascia that looks great in any space.


Post Upgrade Options

You can customize your solid non-insulated patio cover by choosing to upgrade your posts. You can choose from 8-inch and 10-inch upgrades in the round and square fiberglass columns that can truly define your space.


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