Lattice Patio Cover

There are many different types of patio covers you can choose from for your Stockton, California home. Here at Dabillders Construction, we offer many different types of aluminum patio covers, including the lattice patio cover. Learn about this type of patio cover below, and contact us for a free estimate today!

What Is a Lattice Patio Cover?

Lattice patio covers are distinguished from other types of aluminum patio covers by the fact it boasts a lattice top that lets in light. This type of aluminum patio cover offers an airy feel and allows for a breeze to scoot across the surface, making those beneath it feel cooler.


Options With Lattice Patio Covers

  • Beams. You can choose from one or two beams.

  • Posts. You can choose from different sizes of posts, as well as different types of material the posts are made from.

  • Lattice bars. You can choose how close the lattice bars are from each other.

  • Colors. There are multiple colors to choose from to match your home. You can even mix and match colors.

  • Ceiling fans. A ceiling fan makes a great option for your lattice patio cover to keep you cool.

  • Lights. Light up the night with lights attached to your lattice patio cover.


Benefits of Lattice Patio Cover

  • Lets in more light than other types of aluminum covered patios.

  • Allows you to grow plants and shrubs on your patio, adding great life to your outdoor living space.

  • Creates a shaded, year-round outdoor living space you'll love.

Why Choose a Professional Lattice Patio Cover Installer?

  • Experience

  • Saves you time

  • Saves you money

  • A professional, polished look


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