Aluminum patio covers

As a homeowner in California, you understand just how brutal the sun can be. Its unbearable heat and glare often take away the ability to enjoy your patio deck. You may have tried other solutions, such as installing umbrellas or tarps to create shade, but none are better than installing an Aluminum patio cover! At Dabillders, we have over 20 years of experience creating and implementing the best aluminum patio covers in the state. We use the highest quality materials and design our deck covers to match the look and feel of any home, no matter the size. Our goal is to help you in “Building Your Happy Place,” as you deserve to fully enjoy the home you worked so hard to achieve. Enjoy the benefits of an aluminum patio cover by partnering with Dabillders today!

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The design and Style You Need

At Dabillders, we understand that every homeowner has a specific vision for the look of their home. That’s why we offer numerous patio cover styles to choose from, which will all make for an excellent upgrade to the exterior of your home. We use the top manufactures for our products and materials because we feel that they offer the high quality we strive to provide to each and every client. We focus on using aluminum material because it offers several benefits compared to other types of deck covers, including:

  • Durability – Aluminum is extremely strong and durable. It is seen as a rockstar of corrosion resistance and is one of the few metals, along with stainless steel, that can hold up to exterior and coastal exposures over long periods of time.
  • No additional heat – Aluminum does not conduct as much heat as other materials, helping keep your patio cool. The aluminum top will reflect heat from the sun as opposed to a shingle or tile roof which will absorb the heat.
  • Aluminum is cost-effective. With sky rocketing lumber prices, aluminum patio covers have now become the more affordable option.
Choose a Style

The Cut Styles You Need

When it comes to the cut style of your new aluminum patio cover, we have several options to choose from, all of which come with their unique design and functionality.

  1. Miter Cut
  2. Bevel Cut
  3. Scallop Cut
  4. Corbel Cut

No matter the style you choose, rest assured knowing that your deck cover is built with the highest quality materials that are sure to last for many years to come!

Numerous Color Choices

To further add to the customization options we offer with our aluminum patio covers, we have various color styles to perfectly match your property's needs. Best of all, these color options give you the look of real wood with the durability of aluminum, letting you take advantage of both style and functionality.

We offer more color styles than any other provider, which is one more reason why we are your top choice in aluminum patio covers, in providing homeowners in California with the best aluminum patio covers. The colors available for each style of cut include:

















No matter the choice you make, each color option is sure to enhance the overall look of the exterior of your home. Our team of experts can help guide you toward the best color to fit the home’s style because we understand the importance of providing products that not only work well but look just as good!

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At Dabillder, we want to provide you with everything required for an adequate aluminum patio cover. That's why we offer numerous additional services that can be incorporated into the deck cover for greater functionality and overall style.

Coach Lights – We recommend installing coach lights so that you can enjoy your patio no matter the time of day. This lighting option not only adds aesthetic but also increases security by making the outside world more visible. These beautifully designed lights are sure to take your space to the next level.

Fully Recessed Can Lights – If simple and discreet is more your style, our fully recessed can lights are the perfect choice for your deck cover. These are installed flush with the soffit of your patio cover, giving it a clean look. Plus, they provide adequate lighting for your outdoor space.

Square Columns – If you are seeking a more modern look, our aluminum patio covers can be equipped with square columns. We offer different sizes and aluminum finishes so that you can make the perfect choice for the overall look of your property. Give your roof all of the support it needs in style with these square column options!

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Benefits of an Aluminum Patio Cover

There are several benefits to installing an aluminum patio cover in your California home.

  • Enjoy the Outdoors Whenever You Want – There is nothing worse than being obliterated by the sun's intense heat when attempting to enjoy the outdoors. Not only that, but its immense shine often makes staying on the porch unbearable. Installing a roof will provide you all the shade you need for a good time!
  • Stay Nice and Cool – Aluminum is not a very good conductor of heat, which is a good thing because heat is the last thing you want on your deck. Our roofing option lets you stay nice and cool even when the sun is out, giving you access to the porch no matter the time.
  • Entertainment – Give your home an additional area for entertaining family and friends.
  • Increases Property Value – If you ever plan to sell your home in the future, installing an aluminum patio cover can be an excellent value proposition for potential buyers, putting more money in your pocket!

If you are a California homeowner who wants to enjoy their deck to the fullest, there is no better way to do so than by installing an aluminum patio cover from Dabillders. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right the first time.

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