Solid Insulated Patio Cover

Here is California, we like to enjoy our outdoor space year round. A solid insulated patio cover is the perfect way to transform your back patio into more living space for your home. Our products make you really feel like you have added square footage to your home. Learn more about these great home improvement products, contact us for a free estimate today!

What Is an Insulated Patio Cover?

While non insulated patio covers have 6 inch or 8 inch wide pans that make up the ceiling, insulated patio covers consist of a ceiling made up of 4 foot wide sheets. Top and bottom of the sheets have a texture embossed on them and they are filled on the inside with foam 3 inches thick. Having an insulated patio cover allows you to be able to walk on top of it if you need to paint the 2nd story of your house later or fix a screen on an upstairs window. The gutter system is more user friendly when it comes to cleaning leaves and dirt out of them. The insulated version is also a must for those areas that get a significant amount of snow fall every year.

Solid Insulated Patio Cover With Tails

Styles of Solid Insulated Patio Covers: With Tails

Tails style solid insulated patio covers have decorative ends that stick out from the gutter. These come in four styles: scallop, corbel, bevel, and miter. These cuts also show up on every beam that sits on top of the posts. The tails style is not as popular as the no tails style of aluminum patio covers, but they do look great with columns and around a pool.

Img3 copy.png

Styles of Solid Insulated Patio Covers: No Tails

The no tails style of solid insulated patio covers are extremely popular. This style offers a more contemporary look. As the name states, it has no tails, just a flat front fascia.


Post Upgrades for Your Solid Insulated Patio Cover

The standard post for solid insulated patio covers is approx 7x7 inches. There are 8-inch and 10-inch upgrades in the round and square fiberglass columns that can offer your Stockton home a wonderful, classic look you'll love.


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